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From Concept to Creation and everything in between:

Kittadyne is a small manufacturing & engineering company dedicated to taking ideas in any stage of development & working closely with the author of that idea to see it developed into a successfully completed project. Our purpose, simply stated, is to turn concepts into creations!

We know that one of the greatest things in the world is to conceive something in your mind (which may have never existed before) & then, through your efforts, see that idea exist in the real world. If you have a project and need help to take to the next step, whether it be in the form of hand sketched ideas or 3D CAD models, we would love to contribute to your success. Contact us today!

Browse the gallery of past work and you'll see large & complex projects like the blow molded plastic building blocks along with simple & creative projects like the machined aluminum skateboard.
All sizes of projects are valuable to us for the opportunity they present to learn something new & to create.

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