Kittadyne is a design & manufacturing company focused on 2 main things:
1) Developing a product from concept to creation.
2) Improving manufacturing effency.


Blow molded plastic retaining wall blocks.

These are blow molded retaining wall blocks which were conceived to function as re-usable sand bags. Being blow molded they are hollow & can be filled with sand. For this project the customer already had the product completly designed by someone else, they hired me to make the mold which could produce their design.

Elliptical sprocket for a world record setting home built vehicle.

This is Greg Kolodziejzyk setting a 24hr distance record with his home built boat. I found one of Greg's earlier record setting vehicles when I was researching human powered vehicles. His efforts & his story were inspiring so I offered to machine him anything he needed on any future projects, this sprocket is what he asked for.

Billet chess set.

This project is memorable because it illustrates the difference between mechanical & artistic design, and highlights to me (a mechanical guy) the importance of colaborating with good artistic guys.

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